Christine Skarda
philosopher . theoretical neuroscientist . buddhist

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Curriculum Vitae


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Ph.D. (1982) & Licence (1979) in Philosophy, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium Dissertation: "Mental Representation and Intentionality"

M.A. in Philosophy, Bryn Mawr College (1978)

B.A. in Philosophy, University of Wisconsin (1974)


University of California at Berkeley, Department of Physiology (1989 to 1992):
Lab Associate in Charge of Philosophical Analysis of Models for Interpreting Data

University of Rome, Department of Philosophy (1988): Visiting Professor

École Polytechnique, CREA Cognitive Research Institute
(1986 to 1988) Chargée de Recherche
(1986 to 1988) Lecturer in Cognitive Science

University of California at Berkeley, Department of Physiology
(1985) Assistant Specialist in Physiology
(1984) Postgraduate Research Physiologist

University of California at Berkeley, Sloan Program in Cognitive Science (1982 to 1984): Sloan Postdoctoral Fellow

University of California at Berkeley, Department of Philosophy (1981 to 1982):
Research Assistant; Teaching Assistant


San Francisco Foundation (1992): Research grant.

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium:
(1978 to 1979) Husserl Archives Assistant
(1977 to 1978) F.Kaufmann Stipendium

Bryn Mawr College (1975 to 1976): H. J. Cadbury Fellow


"The Perceptual Form of Life" in Reclaiming Cognition: The Primacy of Action, Intention, and Emotion in Journal of Consciousness Studies 6, No.11-12 (1999), 79-93.

"Perception, Connectionism, and Cognitive Science," in F. Varela & J.-P. Dupuy (eds), Understanding Origins, Kluwer, Netherlands (1991), 265-271.

"Ecological Subjectivism?" in Behavioral and Brain Sciences 14:2 (1991).

"The Biology of Life and Learning," in Journal of Social and Biological Structures 14:2 (1991), 221-228.

Co-authored with W. Freeman, "Chaos and the New Science of the Brain," in Concepts in Neuroscience 1:2 (1990), 275-285.

"The Neurophysiology of Consciousness and the Unconscious," in Behavioral and Brain Sciences 13:4 (1990), 625-626.

Co-authored with W. Freeman, "Chaotic Dynamics Versus Representationalism," in Behavioral and Brain Sciences 13:1 (1990), 167-168.

Co-authored with W. Freeman, "Mind/Brain Science: Neuroscience on Philosophy of Mind," in E. LePore & R. van Gulick (eds), John Searle and His Critics, Blackwell, (1990), 115-127.

Co-authored with W. Freeman, "Representations: Who Needs Them?" in J. McGaugh, N. Weinberger and G. Lynch (eds), Brain Organization and Memory: Cells, Systems, and Circuits, 375-380 (1990)

"Understanding Perception: Self-Organizing Neural Dynamics," in La Nova Critica 9/10 (1989), 49-60.

Co-authored with W. Freeman, "EEG Research of Neural Dynamics: Implications for Models of Learning and Memory," in J. Delacour & P. Levy (eds), in Systems with Learning and Memory Abilities, Elsevier/North Holland (1988), 199-210.

"Research Options and the 'Creativity' of Chaos," in Behavioral and Brain Sciences 11:3 (1988), 199-210.

Co-authored with W. Freeman, "How Brains Make Chaos in Order to Make Sense of the World," in Behavioral and Brain Sciences 10 (1987), 161-195.

"Explaining Behavior: Bringing the Brain Back In," in Inquiry 29 (1986), 187-202.

Co-authored with W. Freeman,, "Spatial EEG Patterns, Non-Linear Dynamics, and Perception: The Neo-Sherringtonian View," in Brain Research Reviews 10 (1985), 147-175.

"Language as Intention, Convention, and Skill," in Meaning: Protocol of the Colloquy of the Center for Hermeneutical Studies 44, Berkeley (1983).

"Alfred Schutz's Phenomenology of Music," in Journal of Musicological Research 3 (1979), pp. 75-132. Reprinted in F. J. Smith (ed), Understanding the Musical Experience, Gordon & Breach, New York (1989).


"Philosophical Artwork" at the conference "Changing Objects in Art and Philosophy" sponsored by the Getty Research Institute at the Getty Center, Los Angeles, CA. (March 2008)

"Perception's Illusion: The Origin of Suffering" at the conference "Religion and Cognitive Science" co-sponsored by the Graduate Theological Union and the University of California at Berkeley in Berkeley, CA. (January 2008).

"Chaos and Its Roles in Brain Function" at the annual Society for Psychophysiological Research conference in Chicago, IL. (October 1991)

"A Non-Representational Model of Whole Brain Function" at the Neurosciences Institute Summer Atelier in Theoretical Neurobiology at Rockefeller University in New York, NY. (July 1991)

Participant in three-day round table discussion on "Global Dynamics in Physiological Models of Health" at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA. (April 1991)

"Understanding Perception" at the international conference "The Construction of Nature and the Responsibility of Scientific Knowledge" in Rome, Italy. (November 1987)

"Perception, Connectionism, and Cognitive Science" at the conference "Understanding Origins" at Stanford University in Stanford, CA. (September 1987)

Presentation on the neuroscience of learning at the conference "Approches de la Cognition" in Cerisy-la-Salle, France. (June 1987)

"EEG Research of Neural Dynamics: Implications for Models of Learning and Memory" at the conference "Systems with Learning and Memory Abilities" in Paris, France. (June 1987)

"Cooperative EEG Phenomena: Implications for Models and Experimental Approaches" at the conference "Neuronal Cooperativity" in Freiburg, Germany. (May 1987)

"Reconsidering the Computational Paradigm" at the conference "Minds, Societies, and Machines" in Mishkenot Sha'ananim, Jerusalem, Israel. (April 1987)

Participant at the conference "Organization of Structure and Function in the Brain" in Bad Homburg, Germany. (September 1986)

"Brainless Thinking" at the first annual conference "Neuroscience and Philosophy" at the University of California San Diego in San Diego, CA. (April 1986)

Chair of panel "Philosophical Psychology" at Pacific Division meeting of the American Philosophical Association in San Francisco, CA. (1985)

"Brain and Behavior" at the annual conference of the Society for Psychophysiological Research in Carmel, CA. Also chair of panel "Brain Representation." (September 1983)

"Mental Images: The Challenge to Cognitivist Forms of Explanation" at the Pacific Division meeting of the American Philosophical Association in Sacramento, CA. (1983)

Fluent in German and Dutch.
Reading knowledge of French, Italian, and Tibetan.